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All this is causing at tenants, especially children and pets (which   and  hail,  damages  to  the  lower  parts  of  buildings  due  to
       are closer to the floor) various allergies, headaches, reduction   vandalism and etc.
       of  concentration,  nervousness,  low  immunity,  breathing   Strength and mechanical resistance to external influences of
       difficulties - and even the appearance of asthma (overwhelming   Simprolit  elements  are  for  the  class  better  than  the  same
       fact is that in Belgrade one of seven school children is suffering   characteristics  of  other  thermal-insulating  materials  –  for
       from some form of asthma), passing on to future generations   Simprolit SOP plates, the compressive strength is over          20
       even at the genetic level.                               tons/m ,  at  sagging  less  than  1  mm,  unlike  stone  wool  or
       - DURABILITY:                                            polystyrene where it is less than 1.0 tons/m2 at sagging of 10%
                                                                of the layer thickness.
       Good  steam  permeability  without  the  appearance  of
       condensation,   frost   resistance,   homogenous   and   - RESISTANCE TO FIRE:
       hydrophobicity  (properties  that  the  material  does  not  absorb   Simprolit capsulated modified polystyrene concrete, according
       moisture) has a direct impact on the durability of the applied   to a European certificate - test report according to European EN
       insulating layer.                                        standards, belongs to the group of non-combustible materials -
       Starting from the conditions that the longevity of the material is   Classification of fire is A2-s1, d0.
       determined by the period in which it does not lose more than   The fire resistance of Simprolit SOP plates thickness of only
       10%  of  its  mechanical  and  thermal  properties,  at  standard   10cm (even as a partition on a substructure of thin-walled metal
       mineral wool longevity is 15-30 years, while the EPS or XPS   profiles and at a temperature of fire load greater than   1100°C)
       (such as Styrofoam or Styrodur), depending on of where and   is "not less than 2 hours" or EI 120!
       how it was built, longevity is 10-20 years. On the other hand,
       Simprolit is modified polystyrene is shown, in the harsh climatic   - VARIETY OF APPLICATION:
       conditions of the Russian Federation, with temperatures from -  Thanks to a number of characteristics which distinguish them
       50 ° C to + 50 ° C and humidity of 0% to 100%, that even after   from  existing  thermal  insulation  materials,  Simprolit  SOP
       50  years  does  not  lose  its  physical  and  mechanical   plates have the most diverse uses:
       characteristics, and about that is issued a special certificate of     For  thermal  insulation  of  facade  walls  of  new  and
       longevity  by  Laboratory  for  Building  Physics  of  the  Russian   existing  buildings,  including  those  with  extremely
       Academy of Architectural and Building Science (RAASN).          uneven walls;
       - ENVIRONMENTAL CLEANLINESS:                                   For  thermal  insulation  of  inner  walls  between  the
                                                                       heated area of apartments and unheated space stairs,
       When selecting thermal insulation in developed countries, the   hallways and elevators cores;
       environmental aspects and consequences of its application are
       taken  into  account,  both  for  tenant  and  the  environment.     For coating ventilation and chimney channels;
       Unfortunately, in poorer countries, for the sake of social peace     On  Simprolit  SOP  plates,  without  additional
       and more expensive energy at the other hand, it is allowed a    reinforcement  and  rabitz  mesh  (galvanized  welded
       use  of  steam  non-permeable,  non-durable,  hygroscopic,  and   wire  mesh),  directly  can  stick  brick,  stone  plates  or
       even flammable materials, which are not rarely the cause of     other elements for the facade
       large human casualties.                                        For  concreting  floor  plates  between  an  unheated
       Hundreds  of  millions  of  square  meters  have  so  far  been   garage space under the object and heated living or
       insulated by mineral wool, which has phenol and formaldehyde    office  space  above,  in  a  function  of  simultaneous
       (formaldehyde is the fourth in the UN list of dangerous poisons),   thermal, fire and sound insulation;
       and only at the pressure of ecologists, it started the production     For  making  sills  beneath  the  marble  cladding,
       of  so-called  Ecological  (Organic)  mineral  wool,  which  only   architectural  ornaments  and  unfettered  architectural
       replaced the part from the whole range of products.             facades solutions
       In addition, it is claimed that the carcinogenetic effects does not     For the renovation of old buildings, reconstruction and
       occur, since ’’The weighted time of semi-degradation of fibers a   restoration  of  the  facades  protected  as  cultural
       length of more than 20 µm, after entering the trachea, is less   heritage;
       than 40 days“.
                                                                      For simultaneous insulation and seismic reinforcement
       In  Europe  there  is  no  standard  procedure  for  laboratory   of existing facilities;
       determination of ecological suitability of materials. Simprolit®     For creating floating objects - rafts and restaurants on
       and elements of Simprolit system® have ecological, hygienic     the water;
       and sanitary-epidemiological certificates issued by the Ministry
       of Health and the environment of Russian Federation.           For thermal insulation of flat roofs and platforms above
                                                                       the residential or business area with a considerable
       - MECHANICAL RESISTANCE:                                        static  and  dynamic  loads,  such  as  roofs  of  airport
       Mechanical resistance of thermal insulation is not less important   terminals,  helicopter  platforms,  pads  under  roof
       in the choice of materials for thermal insulation of buildings or   ventilation equipment, etc.
       parts  thereof,  especially  in  thermal  insulation  of  plinths  of
       facilities,  thermal  insulation  of  staircase  and  hallway  spaces                  „Simprolit“ doo, Belgrade
       through  which  tenants  entries  furniture,  at  bay  windows,
       overhanging  floors,  at  the  floor  plates  above  passage,  the                
       ceiling plates of living space below withdrawn terrace etc. Also                    
       are not rare the great damages of facades after the great storm
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