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By EN 13501-1:2007+A1:2009
         Reaction to fire classification: A2 – s1, d0
         Resistance to fire of partition wall made of
         SOP10 – EI 120
         Thermal conductivity in dry condition:
         λ0=0.042 W/mK
         Coefficient of water vapor diffusion resistance:
         SOP 10 – without mortar: u=3,336
         SOP 10 – with thin mortar: u=3,856

                                SIMPROLIT THERMO-INSULATING  SOP PLATES

                                      – ELEMENTS OF SIMPROLIT SYSTEM
       Simprolit single-layer SOP plates are part of the innovative   irregularities  during  installation,  Simprolit  SOP  plates  can be
       Simprolit system , the most extensive ecological construction   surface  leveling  by  scraping  with  hand  scraper  or  plain
       system.                                                  aluminum rack with one oblique edge.
       Simprolit  single-layer  SOP  plates  meet  a  range  of   Except standard finishing with ETICS system (glue-mesh-glue),
       requirements  of  building  physics,  environmental  construction   Simprolit SOP plates can also be plastered using thick  mortar
       and  exploitation  of  the  facility,  such  as:  durability,  thermo-  , as SOP plates do not absorb water from the mortar, so there
       insulation, steam permeability, fire resistance, frost resistance,   is no danger that the mortar "burned out" and crack.
       hydrophobicity, resistance to impact, resistance to pressure and   On Simprolit SOP plates can be applied any type of facades,
       tension, resistance to extreme climatic conditions of high and   directly  stick  ceramic  and  stone  claddings,  formed  wall
       low temperature and 100% air humidity, resistance to the storm   decorative elements and others.
       type winds, , hails and floods, the economy at the installation
       and exploitation…                                        - STEAM PERMEABILITY:

                                                                Facade wall insulated with Simprolit SOP plates can breathe,
       - ECONOMY, SIMPLICITY AND AFFORDABLE PRICE:              such as human skin, throwing out all the harmful substances
       Simprolit  SOP  plates  are  manufactured  from  a  patented   which from the residential area, along with a steam, maturing in
       capsulated Simprolit polystyrene concrete, weighting only 160   facade wall.
       kg/m .                                                   It is indisputable that the steam permeability of walls is one of
       Simprolit  SOP  plates  are  rigid  in  their  own  plane  and  that   the  basic  and  most  important  requirements  of  ecological
       because of its compressive strength and tightening does not   construction and healthy housing conditions during service of
       require  a flat  wall  surfaces  to  be  coated  (which  is  the  basic   facility.
       condition for the application of other materials, particularly in the   Otherwise, vapor sealed or poorly vapor-permeable materials
       case of thermal insulation with mineral wool or Styrofoam.   for  thermal  insulation,  such  as  extruded  (EPS)  or  expanded
       Simprolit SOP plates are easy to install – they are leveling over   (XPS)  polystyrene,  which  are  three  to  five  times  less  water
       "muffins" of glue and dowels with anchors to "hat", whereby total   vapor permeable than conventional brick walls, retain all these
       consumption  of glue is  2-5kg  smaller  per  m   of  facade  than   harmful  substances  in  the  facade  wall  making  some  kind  of
       wearing the same adhesive at mineral wool.               "septic tank", which again, on reaching the limit concentration of
       Simprolit SOP plates are easily cut and brought to the required   harmful substances in the wall after ten years or less, all of the
       dimension - even a simple handsaw for wood. In the event of   "dirt" returns in a residential area.
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