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Airport „Domadedovo“ – the largest airport in the Russian   Belgrade „Eagle Hills“ – Simprolit monolith above the underground
            Federation: Simprolit monolith for floor and roof plates                  garages

          Belgrade, „Autokomanda“loop – tram and pedestrian bridge.

       Instead of repairing the reinforcement that corroded 10%, bridges are   Simprolit monolith - remediation of the roof, pool and heliport
        facilitated with Simprolit monolith for 18%, without reinforcement   on the roof of a hospital in Moscow

                                                                      Remediation of the Olympic Pool „25. Maj“, Belgrade
       Nizhnevartovsk, Siberia – by replacement of classic screed with the      with Simprolit monolith
         layer of Simprolit monolith d=6cm it is reduced the load for 2
               tons/m  of foundation – another floor was built

                                                                                    „Simprolit“ doo, Belgrade
                                                                                    +381 11 397 67 70
       Belgrade, Simprolit monolith over an underground furniture store,                   
           carrying capacity 110 tons/m  for approaching fire vehicles
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