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       Simprolit  monolith  belongs  to  the  group  of  light  concretes  –   VARIETY OF APPLICATION OF SIMPROLIT MONOLITH
       polystyrene concrete. Thanks to its exceptional thermo physical and
       physical-mechanical characteristics, Simprolit polystyrene concrete is   In high-rises construction, Simprolit monolith is mostly applied:
       used throughout anywhere where thermal-insulation features, ease   - For thermal insulation of foundation plates and walls;
       of construction, moisture resistance, resistance to moisture, frost and   - Instead of the cement screed on floor plates, in the capacity of not
       fire,  steam  permeability,  high  compressive  strength,  surface   only the leveling but also the thermal and sound insulation layer;
       toughness  and  durability,  are  determining  factors  in  material   - As an element of facade walls with supporting metal structure, as
                                                                well as thermal and fire protection covering of metal construction;
       Simprolit  monolith  is  patented  capsulated  Simprolit  polystyrene   - In the construction of new and the upgrading of old flat roofs;
       concrete poured directly onto the site, where incorporated Simprolit
       mass is surface-coated with cement mortar or adhesive on a cement   - For the thermal protection of flat roofs made of corrugated sheet
       basis with a thickness of 5 – 10 mm.                     metal, Simprolit   has not only an insulating but also a unique fire
                                                                protection function;
       The  volume  weight  of  Simprolit  monolith,  depending  on  the
       required  characteristics  of  the  thermal  insulation  or  the  pressure   - In the performance of flat roofs where Simprolit monolith has a
       load, defines its „mark'' which is declared with         multiple  function  –  as  a  layer  for  slope,  as  a  layer  for  thermal
                                                                insulation, as a basis for laying hydro insulation and as a layer for
       D 250, D 300, D 350, D 400
                                                                hydro-insulation protection.
       (250 kg/m  - 400 kg/m , i.e.  4 to 2,5 times lighter than).
                                                                - In comparison with materials that are standardly applied for solving
       By  analyzing  the  characteristics  of  Simprolit  monolith  and  its   thermal  insulation  of  flat  roofs,    Simprolit  monolith  distinguishes
       behavior in exploitation, its following characteristics are defined:   itself  with  the  best  ration  of  strength,  frost  resistance,  moisture
              Exceptional lightness,
                                                                resistance, fire resistance and thermo-physical characteristics;
              Good steam permeability,
                                                                -  By  ability  to  perform  multiple  functions  at  the  same  time:  as  a
              Environmental   cleanliness   and   good   sanitary-  mechanical protection of hydro insulation, as a thermal layer and as
              epidemiological parameters,                       a layer for slope (the layer of Simprolit monolith thickness is lighter
              Maximum durability                                than cement screed 5cm thick!);
              Resistance to extreme temperature conditions      - Unique ability to increase the fire safety of roofs made of profiled
       The  pressure  strength  of  Simprolit  insulating  layer  ranges  from  12
       tons/m   to  110  tons/m ,  while  exceeding  the  limit  load  does  not   In particular, the durability of flat roofs made of Simprolit monolith
       cause fracture, but only the strain – a deformation of up to several   should be emphasized. Namely, if a stone wool or Styrofoam is used
                                                                as a thermal insulation layer, their load is defined with a deformation
                                                                of 10%, which means they settle about 1.5cm – 2cm when the load is
       -  Simprolit  monolith  and  its  constructions  are  non  combustible:
                                                                full.  Such  settling  cannot  withstand  the  hydro  insulation  above,
       A2s1d0, fuel grade NC – non combustible.                 especially in the case of ventilation ducts, lifts, etc. which is the main
       Application  of  Simprolit  monolith  as  a  replacement  of  cement   reason that the contractor on a flat roof does not give a guarantee for
       screeds and layer for slopes for flat roofs              more than 5 years.
       - For 17% - 22% reduces the required quantity of reinforcement of   The  flat  roof  made  of  Simprolit  monolith  with  insulation
       structural elements, and                                 „Germokrov“ has the durability attest „not less than 25 years“ for the
       - Together with Simprolit interfloors structures TWO TIMES increases   territory of Russia, where Simprolit monolith is at the same time a
       the resistance of the structure and the safety of the building to the   layer for slope and thermo-insulation.
       effects of the earthquakes
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