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           Our new Simprolit® SNP thermal insulation plates are three-layer panels consisting of outer layers of Simprolit polystyrene
          concrete D250 (250 kg / m3) of thickness 2x1.0 cm and the middle layer is graphite EPS (Neopor®) of various thicknesses.
          Simprolit SNP boards are extremely lightweight and suitable for fast "one-man" mounting.
          They are used for thermal insulation of steam-impermeable or slightly steam-permeable walls (RC walls, walls with steam barrier)
          Where fire regulations require, fireproof partitions from Simprolit single-layer SOP boards are applied.

          The standard dimensions of the SNP plates are 100x150 cm and 75x100 cm, thickness 5 cm (SNP-5) up to 20 cm (SNP-20). They
          are manufactured without a falcon, and can also be ordered plates with falcon, where the width of the falcon is 15 mm, and the
          thickness of the falcon is equal to half the thickness of the SNP plate.


                  Extremely low weight, exceptionally good thermal insulation, extremely fast assembly, rod and insect resistance, absence
                 of mold, increased impact resistance, UV resistance, stability in strong winds - barks and storms, possibility of mounting in
                 formwork  for  RC  slabs,  RC  walls,  RC  beams  and  columns  with  exceptional  adhesion  to  concrete  -  which  excludes
                 subsequent gluing and smoothing, the possibility of preliminary finishing of facade surfaces, etc.


             CHARACTERISTICS      LABEL   DESCRIPTION           UNIT      SNP PLATE     λSR      R       U
                                           Simprolit D250:   0 ,055           cm       W/mK    m K/W  W/m K
             Thermal conductivity    λ                          W/mK
                                           EPS graphite:      0,032
                                                                          SNP-5        0,0384  1,301   0,680
             Pressure strength      σp                     80  kPa
                                                                          SNP-8        0,0357  2,239   0,415
             Tensile strength       σz                    125  kPa        SNP-12       0,0344  3,489   0,273
             Steam permeability     µ                      30    -        SNP-13       0,0342  3,801   0,252

             Fire resistance         -                 B-s1,d0    -       SNP-15       0,0339  4,426   0,218
             classification                                               SNP-20       0,0334  5,989   0,162