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Walls  inside  the  building  made  of  Simprolit  thermal-sound-
                                                                                               insulating blocks:
                                                                                                   Have  characteristics  significantly  better  than  the  minimum
                                                                                                   Compared  to  the  standard  solutions,  they  are  easier  (it  does
                                                                                                   not   matter    in   determining  the  necessary      building
                                                                                                   reinforcement, especially seismic),
                                                                                                   They are simple to perform (performed in one stroke),
                                                                                                   Less thickness (which provides additional net housing space for
                                                                                                   Walls can be immediately disposed of and divided wall heating
                                                                                                   without prior thermal insulation of the base wall,
                                                                                                   The wall made of SBDNZ-20 Simprolit blocks has 53 dB sound
                                                                                                   The  wall  made  of  SBDNZ-20  Simprolit  blocks  is  180  minutes
                                                                                                   resistant to fire



               Next  to  the  norms,  regulations  and  directives  of  the  national
               provisions of EU member states, they realize that soon it will not be
               only a condition for technical reception, but an important condition for
               evaluating  residential  buildings  in  transport;  the  Energy  Efficiency
               Study  has  become  an  integral  part  of  mandatory  project
               documentation. However, depending on the phase introduction of the

               norms  of  the  national  provisions  on  the  basis  of  which  the  Energy
               Efficiency  Study  (EEE)  is  elaborated,  its  comprehensiveness  is  also
               IN THE FIRST PHASE, as regards architectural and construction work, the
               energy efficiency of the facade coating - walls, without or with facade
               coating and facade openings (windows, stained glass, balcony doors) is
               IN THE SECOND PHASE, the normative provisions introduce the elements
               of  the  interior  walls,  first  of  all  those  to  the  unheated  or  heated
               corridor, the interior staircase, as well as the walls between the heated
               rooms  of  different  users.  Only  after  this  phase  it  is  possible  to
               introduce and measure individual energy consumption for heating the
               IN  THE  THIRD  PHASE,  a  comprehensive  concept  of  Eco-Friendly  is
               introduced, which besides energy efficiency defined as "heat comfort"
               introduces the concepts of "air comfort", "light comfort" and "sound
               In essence, the existing ones are merged and, in accordance with the
               development of technological processes and systems, new norms and
               standards  from  those  areas,  defined  as  "comfort  of  housing",  are
               The seriousness of these requirements is reflected in the EU Directive
               that  Member  States  prescribe  penalties  relating  to  violations  of  the
               provisions  adopted  in  accordance  with the  Directive,  which must  be
               effective, proportionate and dissuasive.
               It  is  envisaged that penalties  are paid  not  only by  owners, investors
               and users, but also by the state as a whole.

               Simprolit  system®,  within  its  comprehensiveness,  has  solutions  that
               far outweigh the minimum requirements that the facility must satisfy.
               For  example,  blocks  of  the  Simprolit  system  for  facade  walls  with  a
               thickness of  only  25  cm,  without  additional thermal  insulation,  have
               thermal conductivity in much less than the maximum prescribed, and
               blocks  of  thickness  of  only  30  cm,  without  additional  thermal
               insulation, meet the requirements for facade coatings of objects and
               above the polar circle!
               On the inside walls, the unified conditions of Ecological compatibility
                       Walls to the heated area, including the walls between the
                      apartments of different users, must have Umax=0.9 /(m K), and                                                      „SIMPROLIT“ DOO, BELGRADE
                      the walls to the unheated area (corridors, stairs)                                                            
                      Umax=0.4 /(m K)                                                                                                 
                       Sound insulation minimum Rw =52 dB
                       Fire resistance minimal 120 minutes – EI120
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