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          Our new Simprolit  SNPV thermal insulation plates are three-layer panels consisting of three layers:
          - Layer with channels 4 cm in width and 2 cm deep formed from Simprolit polystyrene concrete D250 (250 kg / m3), which is
          mounted to the wall
          - The middle layer is graphite EPS (Neopor ) of various thicknesses
          - Layer thickness of 1cm from Simprolit polystyrene concrete D250 (250 kg/m ), mounted outside
          Simprolit SNPV thermal insulation plates, unlike Simprolit SNP plates, are used for thermal insulation of steam permeable walls, as
          well as for other walls, if the final steam-impermeable  coating (stone, marble, fundermax, facade ceramics with installation without
          steam permeable joints etc) is designed.

          The standard dimensions of the SNPV plates are 100x150 cm and 75x100 cm. Standard thicknesses of 6cm (SNPV-6) up to 20cm
          (SNPV-20). They are standardly manufactured without a falconer.


                 All advantages of the Simprolit SNP plates are also provided by Simprolit SNPV plates, with the additional (high) advantage
                 that their application provides evaporation through the built-in channels, and can be applied to the steam-permeable walls
                 (blocks of brick, gas concrete, foam concrete) with a steam-impermeable coating, as well as for impenetrable (low load) flat
                 roofs, as a layer immediately above the steam-insulation, to evacuate moisture from atmospheric precipitation or from air
                 during the work, and before applying the final layer of the projected, steam-impermeable waterproofing - liquid , with spraying
                 or as membrane with fastening.

                 As with Simprolit SNP plates, where these fire regulations require, they are applied in combination with fireproof partitions
                 made of Simprolit single-layer SOP plates.


           CHARACTERISTICS     LABEL   DESCRIPTION              UNIT     SNPV  PLATE     λSR       R         U
                                       Simprolit D250:            0,055       cm        W/mK     m K/W     W/m K
           Thermal conductivity   λ                             W/mK
                                       EPS graphite:              0,032    SNPV-6      0,0428    1,400      0,637
           Pressure strength     σp                         80   kPa     SNPV-8        0,0395    2,025      0,456
           Tensile strength      σz                        125   kPa     SNPV-12       0,0366    3,275      0,290

                                       Channels to the wall:  4x2/21    cm   SNPV-13   0,0362    3,588      0,266
           Steam permeability    µ
                                       Channels evaporation:        1   -
                                                                         SNPV-15       0,0356    4,213      0,228
           Fire resistance       -     Fire from outside:     B-s1,d0   -   SNPV-20    0,0346    5,775      0,168